YouTuber Kwebbelkop Announces 2nd AI Version of himself, Kwebbelkop AI. Fans Are Angry

Famous YouTuber Kwebbelkop has released its AI version.

On September 23rd, Kwebbelkop, whose real name is Jordi Van Den Bussche, released a new video. In the video, he apologizes for his first AI experimental failure and uses AI to create the video.

Kwebbelkop AI

What is Kwebbelkop AI?

Kwebbelkop is a popular YouTuber with more than 10 million subscribers. He now upload videos which are AI generated. The AI generated videos sounds like him as well as looks very real.

Watch below video which is Kwebbelkop AI generated:

The entire video is AI-generated, and he announces that he will be using his AI version for his YouTube channel. This second AI version is very realistic and sounds just like him.

It was created by training all the videos from Kwebbelkop’s YouTube channel. The AI technology in 2023 is much more powerful, making this AI version better than his previous 3D animated AI version.

Fans Criticize Kwebbelkop AI:

However, since uploading the video, Kwebbelkop has faced criticism from fans who want him to be more natural and upload videos of himself. He apologizes to his fans and admits that he made a mistake by sharing the AI version before it was fully ready.

The comment section reflects fans’ dissatisfaction with the AI version, as they prefer his natural self and want him to have fun.

Kwebbelkop is losing around 1000 subscribers every day, and it is speculated that the AI version may help him gain more traction and subscribers. However, it is believed that if he only uploads real videos of himself, it will be better for his channel. That’s all about Kwebbelkop’s AI version and the news surrounding it.

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