What is Rask AI? How Does It Work?

The pace at which developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence are happening is really fascinating. AI is making every field efficient and it is also helping people in every aspect. 

Content creators are going to get the most benefit from AI. A lot of content creation tools are getting launched. Recently I discovered Rask AI. Let us discuss what is Rask AI, and how it works.

Rask AI

What is Rask AI?

Rask AI translates & dubs your video in any language. For example, if you have your video in the English language then Rask AI is going to take that video and it’s going to translate into any language of your choice.

The translated & dubbed video will sound human-like and more real. Rask AI supports more than 60 languages and you can select any language like Spanish, Portuguese, or Japanese to dub your videos.

Rask AI also has the ability to create short-form videos. It can extract and find the best moments from your podcast and can convert them into short vertical videos.

How does Rask AI Works?

Step 1: Upload your video. 

Step 2: Select the language in which you want to dub your video

Step 3: Rask AI will take some time and It will produce a professional video with correct dubbing and translation.

Once the video is created you can customize it as per your requirement.

Rask AI Key Features:

Create content in multiple languages:

There are 7 billion people in the world and only one billion of those speak English. So if you want to reach a wider audience it is not just enough to create content in English. Rask AI helps in creating content in multiple languages.

So if you have video content in the English language just put that into the software and it’s going to dub that content in various languages as per your choice.

This feature is going to help a lot of educators & online course creators. Your simple math course in English can reach any corner of the world and can impact millions of students across the globe.

Produce content in different formats:

I really think now you should be on every social media platform out there to reach various audiences. For example on Instagram square videos get a lot of attention but on TikTok vertical videos get a lot of views.

So it is very important to convert a single clip into all those formats like square, vertical, and horizontal. With Rask AI you can easily achieve this within a few clicks.

Additionally, this software can also create subtitles so that your audience can easily understand what you are saying.

Realistic voiceovers:

The voice-over tech behind the Rask AI is really mind-blowing. Just upload your voice and Rask AI will do all the hard work for creating a voiceover with AI. 

Inside this app, you will get a library of voices from which you can select the voice. These voices are really great for creating explainer videos. 

Video to text:

Rask AI can extract content from your videos. You can use this extracted content to create social media posts, blog posts, or creating ads for promoting your product or brand.

Turn long-form podcasts into short-form videos:

In 2023 people are preferring short-form content over any other content type. Looking at the 2023 content marketing trends, reel content is going to make you go viral. 

Rask AI can analyze long podcasts and convert them into YT shorts or reels. 

To use this feature, just upload your video file or paste the URL where your video is hosted. 

Rask AI will find the best moments from long podcasts and create the best content out of it. 

This app can

  • Generate automatic captions
  • Remove unnecessary words
  • Produce SEO-optimized video titles & description
  • Hunts best moments from long videos

Rask AI Benefits:

  • Reach a wider audience 
  • Go viral on YouTube, TikTok with short videos
  • Makes your content more appealing with human-like voiceovers
  • Saves your time in creating content in multiple languages

Rask AI Pricing:

Rask AI has 2 pricing plans. 

  1. Basic Plan
  1. Pro Plan

In my opinion, a Basic Plan is enough for small content creators. And If you have a team with more than 5 people, go for Pro Plan. 

You can also sign up for free and test this software with a sample video. 

For both plans, you have to pay a monthly fee in order to use this app.

Rask AI Pros & Cons:


  • Automatic translation & dubbing
  • Reach every part of the world as Rask AI supports 60 languages
  • Ultra-realistic voice-overs
  • Clone your voice and use it for creating content
  • Best for translating long videos
  • You can buy additional credits if you consume translation & dubbing features
  • Create short-form content from long podcast videos


  • You get 100 minutes per month for translation & dubbing
  • They should introduce features of real-time voice cloning. That will be fun

Rask AI – Final Conclusion:

Rask AI is going to be very useful for content creators. Most content creators are paying more than $1000 per month to freelancers. But they can avoid this by just using this software. 

The most notable functionality is the ability of Rask AI to dub videos in 60 languages. And the resulting videos seem very original. 

Once you sign up, you also get access to their Facebook group. In this group, you can learn from other content creators how they are using Rask AI to produce stunning content. 

Not only content creators, but Rask AI can also help educators. Let’s say you have a YT channel where you teach Maths to school students in the English language. Now, you can use Rask AI to dub those videos in languages like Hindi, and Spanish. 

There are altogether almost a billion people who speak Hindi & Spanish. But these people don’t understand English. Now you can reach such an audience efficiently with Rask AI. 

Overall, I really like Rask AI and I highly recommend you get it. 

Rask AI FAQs:

Can you list the names of languages that Rask AI supports?

As of now, Rask AI generates output in 60 languages like German, French, Spanish, Chinese, English, Turkish, Japanese, etc. Just visit their official website to learn more about a specific language.

Do they offer a free trial?

Yes, Rask AI has a free trial where you get credit for the video. You can upload one video and can see whether it is suitable for you.

In the trial version, you can dub a video of a length of 20 minutes. 

Which payment methods do they support?

You can buy this app using your credit or debit cards. You can use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express cards. 

New payment gateways like Apple Pay or Google Play can also be used. They use Stripe as a payment partner.

How to cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. On the account page, you will get the option to cancel the subscription. 

Till the end of the billing cycle, you will have access to all its features. So, no need to worry about canceling the subscription.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about Rask AI

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