What is Nomi AI & How to use it?

Nowadays a lot of conversational chatbots are in trend and one such chatbot that I discovered today is Nomi AI. keep in mind that this app is still in beta phase so you may find some issues while using it. I have tested it for a few hours and let me show you what it is.

Nomi AI

What is Nomi AI?

Nomi AI is a virtual companion with whom you can talk and ask your queries. Nomi AI is your virtual friend. People are using it and having a lot of fun.

For introverts, Nomi.ai is the best thing. They can chat with virtual AI for free in no time. With Nomi, you can talk with a male as well as female AI friends. There are not restrictions.

You can also customize the interests of your AI chatbot. For example, you can talk with chatbot having only interests in relationshio with Nomi AI.

How to sign up for Nomi AI?

You can sign up for Nomi AI with few steps. These steps are very simple and just follow below steps:

  • Go to Nomi.ai website and sign up using your Google or Apple account.
  • Enter your name, birth date and gender.

How to use Nomi AI?

Once you sign up for Nomi AI, you are ready to use it.

You will see below screen, where you want to select the type of relationship advice you want to take from Nomi AI.

There are 3 option available: Friendship, Mentor & Romantic

Nomi AI

Select one of the option and then select the preferred gender of the nomi

After that click on Next and you will see the screen where you can see the profile image & interests, personality of the nomi.

Nomi AI

Click on Start chatting and now you can ask any question to the nomi.

For example, I asked Nomi AI about the relationship advice. And below is her response.

Nomi AI

If you do not like a particular response, you can again ask Nomi AI the same query. There are no limits. It allows you to send up to 1000 messages per day. 1000 messages are too many.

Best practise here is to ask proper queries. At any instance of time, you can start a new conversation. You can also talk with male or binary personalities.

Nomi AI Pros & Cons:


  • Great interface
  • Easy Signup
  • You can sent up to 1000 messages a day
  • Nomi AI is really good at chatting with users. It is very well trained.
  • Chat with male as well female Virtual AI friends.


As of now, I have not found any disadvantage of Nomi AI. This app is still in beta phase.

Nomi AI- Final Conclusion:

Not everyon has a companion or a friend. In today’s world, there are a lot of people who are single or not even have a single friend. Nomi is a great chatbot for all of those.

This app looks great and their AI is very well trained. You may get some incorrect responses for some of the queries ubut overall it is working as expected.

You can try Nomi AI here and thanks for reading our article.

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