What is Netus AI? Key Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

AI is tranforming the way, content creatots & agenicies creating the content today. With all these AI tech, some people are creating fabulous content and some are getting crazy results. In this article, I am going to talk about a new AI tool called as “Netus AI”. So, let’s get started.

netus ai

What is Netus AI?

Netus AI is an AI powered by content writer that can summarize, paraphrase content. Netus AI also has ability to detect AI written content and convert it into human like written content.

This tool can take your content marketing to the next level. Only thing is that you have to make sure, you know all its features and when to use those. No need to vary as from next paragraph, I am going to tell you amazing features of Netus AI and how to use those.

Netus AI Key Features:


Netus AI has the ability to summarize long form content. Just enter text and it will summarize. While summarizing you can select whether you want short or long notes.

I tested summarize feature. I entered some text and clicked on “Submit” button.


Netus AI comes with a paraphrasing feature with the help of which you can paraphrase any kind of content. After testing it thoroughly, I can say that you can use this Paraphrasing feature is suitable for doing any kind of literature reviews.

The output result is also plagiarized free. Its 100% unique. So, you don’t need to worry about the uniqueness of the content.

AI bypasser:

Nowawdays, most of the students are using AI writing tools for writing essays or completing their homeworks. With the help of AI bypasser, you can convert any AI written content into human written content. The produced content can bypass any AI detecting tools like Copyleaks, ZeroGPT. Well, it is also escaped through Originility AI AI detector. This is the most powerful feature of the Netus AI. The models that they are using for bypassing content are regularly updated. So, that the AI written content can easily elude through AI detection tools out there.

AI Detection:

As above mentioned, there are various tools in the market for AI detection like Originality, Copyleaks. With Netus AI, you can detect all AI written content. This tool has an accuracy of 99% for detecting AI generated content. For such AI detection, it considers various factors like textual patterns, symentics as well as context of content.

For example, I just created a sample content on topic “Benefits of exercise” using ChatGPT. And I pasted this into Netus AI tool. It accurately suggested that all text was AI written.

These 4 features makes Netus AI, a must have tool for students as well as professionals.

Netus AI Pricing:

The pricing structure of Netus AI is credit based. Below are there pricing plans that you can opt for.

You can buy credits whenever you require. So, no need to worry about any monthly or annual payment.

They also offer a generous free trial. For free trial, you don’t require any credit card. Sign up using email and check whether software is suitable for you.

Netus AI Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to use interface
  • Comes with robust features that help to get work done
  • Credit based pricing
  • Ability to customize output content as per your voice
  • Powered by 4 different para[hrasing models that makes your content marvellous


As of now, I really have not found any disadvantage of using Netus AI

Netus AI- My Final Verdict:

After testing, Netus AI for a few days, I can say it is really one of the best tools out there for AI detection, paraphrasing content. I am really impressed by its AI Bypasser which can turn AI content into human written content.

Netus AI is a tool that is buit for eveyone. Digital marketers, Content marketers, Founders, Copywriters, Bloggers, etc. can use this tool to increase efficiency whilte doing their daily content writing or marketing work. We can say it is suitable for all type of creators out there.

Only thing that’s is missing is ability to generate AI content from scratch. As of now Netus AI do not have a feature which can write a complete essay or paragraph just from a single word. I think this is the only drawback or a missing feature in this app.

Overall, I highly recommend you to get Netus AI. If you have any calrfications about this tool, just drop a comment below.

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