What is HealthGPT? Get insights and tips to improve your health

AI is revolutionizing every indsutry and latest AI tool, HealthGPT is the hottest thing in the market. In this article, I will explain you all about HealthGPT. And how you can access and use it.


What is HealthGPT?

HealthGPT is a new iOS app that helps users to get information regarding their health based on the data that is stored in their Apple health app. This new app uses AI to give you the correct answers about your health condition.

Like you can ask HealthGPT something like how many times you did workout this week or in the past 2 to 3 days. Then it’s going to give you the dates on which you worked out as well as the number of times you did exercise. 

HealthGPT app is built using Cardinalkit and OpenAI.

HealthGPT features that I really liked:

  • The interface of HealthGPT is very user friendly. It is just like a chatbot. You have to just ask your query and it’s going to give you the correct result.
  • HealthGPT is using OpenAI so the answers that you are going to get are going to be correct 90% of the time
  • As the data is coming from Apple Health App you are going to get the most customized answers based on your query

How to access HealthGPT?

HealthGPT is still in the development phase and to access it you can just go to this website. On this website, you will see their Github repository, then you can just clone this repository and you can use this app on your local device.

How to configure HealthGPT?

  • First of all you have to clone the repository so just go to this website and click on the clone button.
  • Open Xcode and HealthGPT.xcodeproj.
  • Now some dependencies will be installed and it will take some time to finish this installation as well as to complete the indexing.
  • Go to your OpenAI account and copy the API key from the dashboard.
  • Paste this API in this file: Supporting Files/OpenAI-Info.plist
  • Now it’s time to use these HealthGPT app and now you can just play with it and see how it works for you

Final Verdict about HealthGPT:

HealthGPT is a great app that can give you the correct information about your General Health but this is not an expert so make sure if you are getting any kind of serious data from this app make sure to consult with a qualified physician.

Apart from that, HealthGPT can be one of the best Health Apps that you can use to monitor your health as well as monitor your exercise, how many workouts you do and everything related to your health. 

I highly recommend you to use this HealthGPT. If you have any questions or queries about this app let me know in the below comment section

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