What is AI Sekai? Talk with your favourite virtual characters using AI Sekai

In the era of AI, everyone wants to talk with a virtual character. Talking with a virtual character is a great way to utilize your time, and you can ask any questions to virtual characters and get some fun answers. If you’re looking to talk with a virtual character, we have just found this new amazing website, AI Sekai, which allows you to talk with virtual characters.

So let me tell you what AI Sekai is.

What is AI Sekai?

abc.com is a role-playing platform that gives you the ability to talk with virtual characters. Here, you can talk with these virtual characters to establish a great connection. You can interact with them and personalize the dialogues based on your past conversations with the characters.

How does AI Sekai work?

To get started with AI Sekai, you have to sign up using your email address.

Once you log in, you will see a ‘Discover’ button on the left-hand side. Click on the discover button, and you will see a lot of characters on the home page.

There are various featured characters. If you scroll down, you can see the top characters, the best characters, and the newly launched characters. You can filter out the characters based on how people are using them. You can also filter the characters based on parameters, such as non-human, robot, villain, vtuber, female, hero, royalty, etc. Additionally, you can search for characters from different genres like historical, movie and TV, game, anime, magical, books, action, real people, etc. This way, you can filter out the characters you want to talk to.

Now, if you like the characters, you can click on them and start talking with them. It’s very simple and easy to talk with the characters.

For example, I’m going to talk with this character called Carl. I’ll just click on Carl.

Once you click on the character, you can see the description of the character, such as its gender, whether it’s fictional or not, and how many people have liked it. Almost 1.7k messages have been exchanged with this character.

Click on “join full chat,” and the character will load. Then, you can ask various questions like “how are you doing?” The character will reply, and you can have a fun conversation with the characters present on abc.com

You can ask various questions based on the topic that you like. For fun, I asked Carl, what is 2+2

And here is the answer that I received:

Benefits of AI Sekai:

  • Has hundreds of characters
  • You can customize & create own characters
  • Can filter characters
  • AI Sekai gives unsesored asnwers of your questions. Turn on the toggle button on homepage to get unsensored answers
  • Great user interface
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Access to discord & reddit community

A lot of people may disagree with my opinion, but in my thinking, virtual characters can help humans to practice their communication skills. They can also improve those skills.

People who are shy or anxious about talking to others can use this platform to express their feelings and thoughts. In this process, they can improve their communication skills and become more extroverted.

So, in my opinion, platforms like AI Sekai give you the ability to share your thoughts and opinions, even though the characters you are talking to are virtual. You are still expressing your feelings with them.

This is a great advantage because these characters will not tell your feelings to others like human beings would. They will keep your feelings with them and give you advice or share their thoughts based on your response.

Another great advantage of talking to virtual characters is that it increases empathy and understanding. Many people are not good listeners, but if you’re talking to a virtual character, you can become a good listener by understanding the message they are conveying.

So, talking with virtual characters using AI Sekai can increase your understanding and help you become a better person.

AI Sekai vs Competition:

There are many plaforms similar to AI Sekai. But great user interface and ability to ask any questions to characters makes AI Sekai superior than its competition.

While going though their platform, I realy liked the way the characters are shown in the website. One thing unique about it is, its feature to create our own character. We can also customuze the character that we created.

FAQs about AI Sekai:

What is the link to access AI Sekai website?

Just visit https://www.aisekai.ai/, to access AI Sekai website.

Is AI Sekai Free?

Yes, you can talk with virtual characters in AI Sekai.

Do they have AI Sekai community?

Yes, AI Sekai has discord and twitter. On these platforms, you can ask your queries regarding AI Sekai.

Is AI Sekai secure?

Yes, 100%. AI Sekai is a great platform which is secure and safe. You don’t have to worry about your personal data.

Can I create my own character?

Yes, AI Sekai allows yout to create your own character. You can create & customize characters based on various factors.

Conclusion – Final opinion about AI Sekai:

AI Sekai gives users a great opportunity to talk with their favourite characters. One year ago, such opportunities were not there. But now, everyone can have fun conversations with their virtual AI friends.

Another plus point is AI Sekai is a secure platform. It is designed by a team of talented engineers. Anyone having any questions about the security of the platform, just remove those from your mind.

AI Sekai opens the door for introverts around the globe to sare their thoughts without hesitation. Explore various characters, see what they reply and proceed accordingly.

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