Tom Hanks warns his fans about a fake ad of him promoting a dental plan

Actor Tom Hanks just announced in an Instagram post that there is some fake video of him promoting a dental plan.

Tom Hanks ai dental plan

Now as per Tom Hanks, the video is AI generated and he is not aware of the video as well as who created that video or the company behind that particular ad.

Those dental plans may be expensive and the AI generated ad of this dental plan claims that Tom Hanks is itself promoting it but that’s not true. Tom Hanks is quite angry about this because his identity is being used without his consent to promote a dental plan and people after watching the ad people will think oh this is the plan that Tom Hanks is using so I will also use it but that’s not true because Tom Hanks is not related to the dental ad company or anyone behind that so that’s a really concerning thing about AI.

Look AI is being used in various ways and one of the disadvantages of AI is that people are using the voice as well as you know images and videos of famous celebrities to promote their own stuff and this is not legal.

There are no such restrictions to promote this kind of fake advertisement. So that’s really concerning thing now and almost anyone is able to create such things right now because it’s easy to create fake videos it’s very cheap and it’s very accessible so that’s a concerning thing and in my opinion, he will also take a legal action against those who are behind this dental ad plan using his AI generated you know images or videos.

Tom Hanks AI Dental Plan Instagram Post:

This is going to be a great issue and it is happening to almost every celebrity that’s there every famous celebrity that’s there because people are not interested in creating their brand they are just creating fake videos and growing their brands with these celebrity voices and images or videos.

This is a very concerning thing there should be some regulations to avoid this kind of stuff and this is going to be a very interesting case because this has happened with Tom Hanks who is an Oscar-winning actor. You know if something like this happens with an Oscar-winning actor then that’s really a concerning thing.

If these incorrect things are happening with these famous people then a normal individual being can be easily like can be easily damaged with this AI technology. So that’s the news about Tom Hank’s AI dental plan hope you like it and if you that’s it thanks for reading.

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