Swedish Gaming Company Replaces 50% of Staff with AI

A Sweden-based company replaces 50% of its staff with AI.

Swedish Gaming Company Replaces 50% of Staff with AI

As per the recent reports from Sweden, a Swedish gaming company called Mindmark is reportedly going to lay off 50% of its employees as they are going to use AI in place of these employees.

Mindmark is a local company and has a very good reputation as a gaming company, but we all know that today’s AI is almost as powerful as humans in doing the customer support.

Now the company is going to focus on training AI to build its gaming worlds and as they are going to use AI, almost more than 25 jobs or the 25 employees that were working for developing these gaming worlds are now going to get replaced by AI.

The use of AI is going to improve the employees’ productivity and increase the net margins of the company and this case is going to be across every major sector that is present as of now.

Now the CEO of Mindmark wrote an email to shareholders in the month of August and in that he said that the use of AI is meant to efficiently do the company’s work and it will also help in paying out some super dividends to shareholders.

Now a lot of people are triggered due to this news because it’s directly affecting their livelihood and these cases are going to increase day in and day out because AI is just becoming more powerful.

The only thing that these employees can do is that gain more skills and get more focused. So only things that employees can do nowadays.

So that’s it about this news and yeah this is quite a bad news for the employees but this is what capitalism is all about and that’s why many people don’t like this capitalism but we also can’t do anything beyond that.

Now as always AI can be used in two ways like you use it to make your company efficient and second you use increased efficiency and you get more things done.

Better you train your existing employees on AI and just try to increase your revenue net margins in that way.

That’s it about this news about a Swedish company that just replaced 50% of its staff with the help of artificial intelligence.

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