Stephen Fry is upset that his voice is being used without his permission

Artificial intelligence has a lot of pros, but on the other side, a lot of people are using it incorrectly for their benefit without considering the other people. So last Thursday, during the Cogex festival, Stephen Fry, who is a renowned author, revealed that his voice is being used by AI software for creating audiobooks of Harry Potter, and this is without his permission or consent.

This is the thing that’s affecting a lot of artistic people out there because their voice is being used without their permission, and people are just having fun with their voice without thinking that we are just violating a person’s privacy. Stephen Fry just was very angry, that this is happening to him, and it’s like the pain for every artist out there.

And he said that, like, his voice may be used for creating deepfake videos, and this makes someone angry, anxious, and it just gives, like, you know, a bad, it is just a bad use of AI without any consent, and this is the thing that people are really, really should look at.

Now, various governments are thinking about having an AI policy. Meanwhile, the models that are training AI should also consider, like, whose voice we are, like, using for AI, and all those things should be considered before producing AI-generated content of someone’s.

European Union is looking forward to creating such policies, and, like, within some months, those policies will be there that will apply to the European Union. But all across the world, this will be a serious problem that artists will face all across the world. And this is why regulation and strict policies are required for this kind of AI-generated content.

And that’s it about this news, but it’s really weird that, you know, famous people like Stephen Fry have to face this, and he was given a warning at that particular Cogex festival in London, and he was very, very sad and upset about this.

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