Nando AI- Get Ready To Skyrocket Your Content Creation in Next Few Days

In recent months, we have seen an insane development in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Daily some new applications are getting launched which are showing us the amazing capabilities of AI.

Around 3 weeks ago, I found one Twitter post which was talking about Nando AI. Well, when I saw that Twitter post, I was simply blown away by the overview of this new app. After that, I decided to sign up for Nando AI and test it. In this review, I am going to show you my honest review of Nando AI and will give you some tips to use it.

Nando AI

What is Nando AI?

Nando AI is an AI-powered copywriting tool that comes with 60 tools for writing amazing copy & content.

It is the coolest copywriting tool that I have ever seen. You can create Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Captions, Blog Posts, Poll Questions, and Quora Answers with Nando AI.

Without taking too much time, let us discuss some important features of this app.

Nando AI Key Features

Creates blog content:

Nando AI creates blog content using a state of art AI technology. For creating a blog post with AI, you have to follow 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Give a description of the blog post that you need to create

Enter details of a blog post like the blog title, keywords, tones of voices, languages, etc.

Let’s create a blog post on topic, “Benefits of Daily Exercise”. For that, I entered the blog title, and keywords like exercise, healthy life, and yoga. Also, added tone of voice as professional & language as English.

Nando AI

Step 2: Generate or edit the blog outline.

In this step, will generate a blog outline for you. Now, you can add more points to this outline or can just continue with readymade points.

Step 3: Create talking points.

In step 3, you will create more detailed outlines about any topic.

Step 4: Review content

Step 4 is the last thing that you need to follow. In this step, you will see all generated blog chapters.

These blog chapters are nothing but paragraphs about a particular headline in the blog. For example check, below image there a short introduction paragraph is generated. Now, you can regenerate that paragraph, can make it short or long based on your requirement.

If you are fine with generated blog chapters, just click on the blue “Create Blog” button.

And here is the final result.

So, we created a 2000-word blog post about the Benefits of daily exercise using Nando AI in just 2 minutes.

Just like blog post generation, you get other features like YouTube wizard, E-commerce wizard, E-mail autoshop wizard, and Webshop essentials wizard.

With all these wizards, you can create any type of long-form content with Nando AI.

60 Different AI tools for social media, e-commerce, YouTube, and Copywriting:

In this review, I am not going to show you all 60 different AI tools that you get with Nando but let’s just test tools like Tweet generator, Cold E-mail generator, Image prompt generator

Tweet Generator:

I tried generating a tweet about “3 tips about growing online business” with the tone: Funny and the language as English. Below are the results:

The generated Tweet has emojis and some humor. Tweets with emojis usually get more views or likes. And the above tweet has emojis. It has the ability to generate tweets on any given topic. After the tweet, you get a Copy button. Just click on Copy button and paste that as a tweet on your Twitter.

Image Prompt Generator:

Everyone likes to create images with AI. For creating a perfect image with AI, it is required to input the right prompt.

For example, let’s create a prompt for “a dog riding a bicycle”. Enter this topic and select the style as Cartoon. If you want a realistic image, you can enter the style as Ultra realistic or HD.

The results of the prompt generator are not that great. I really did not like these features as it is giving a very comprehensive image prompt. And if our prompt does not have detailed information, it is very difficult to get the best images.

Cold Email Generator:

Cold Emailing is very important if you want new clients or deals. Most marketers are not good at cold emailing. So, I tested this cold email generator tool.

With this tool, let’s create a cold email, where a company named, ABC is cold emailing for selling their digital marketing services.

Here the main thing is to enter the details about your product comprehensively. A more comprehensive description gives better quality output.

The generated cold email is quite good. You can make it more witty, funny, or professional by changing the product description and Tone of voice.

Nando Translate:

Nando Transale is another great feature that helps you to translate text from one language to another one.

Enter the text that you want to translate, and select input as well as output languages. supports below languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • German
  • Greek
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Estonian
  • French
  • Finnish
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • And many more…
Nando Chat:

Nando comes with a ChatGPT-like chatbot interface where you can ask any questions. There have already created some characters like Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Gary Vee, etc.

I select Elon Musk ai and asked questions like, why electronic vehicles are future? For this question, it gives us a very long answer explaining the importance of electronic vehicles.

The next thing I asked about, is Elon Musk CEO of Twitter. For this question, it responded that he is not the CEO of Twitter. This indicates that Nando AI is trained on data up to 2021. But again it is a great feature to have in such a useful app.

Powerful GoalGPT:

Nando AI comes with GoalGPT which is nothing but an autoGPT that can complete all the tasks based on instructions.

Select the GoalGPT and then, you will see the below popup in which we need to enter the goal of our task.

Let’s enter our goal: Create a business plan which can help in making $100 per day

And click on Deploy GoalGPT

Now GoalGPT will start writing the task to achieve our goal. It has listed down all tasks and now it is working on completing all those tasks.

First, it completed all market research.

Then, it started giving us profitable niches

And at the last, it is creating a marketing plan to promote these different businesses.

It started giving us advice on how to optimize our website for search traffic and started identifying upsells or down sells we can use to grow the business.

So, it suggests bullet points about the particular task as well as gives us real-life examples of how to execute those tasks.

This GoalGPT by Nando AI is really a powerful feature that can grow your business to the next level.

AI Art:

Nando AI also helps users for creating AI art from text prompts. This feature is not there in the software yet but it looks very promising and is a must-have functionality in this app.

Connect Nando AI to WhatsApp:

With this functionality, you can have your AI bot on your WhatsApp. So, if you require anything then, you can just open your WhatsApp and can ask the Nando AI chatbot any questions. You will get answers directly on your WhatsApp. So, no need to sign in to your Nando AI account. Just go to WhatApp and Nando is there to help you for solving all your queries.

Access to the private Facebook community:

Upon joining Nando AI, you get access to their private Facebook group where you can meet with other like-minded people and can discuss Nando AI, marketing, business, life, etc.

This community is going to give you a lot of tips about how to use Nando AI effectively if you ask the right set of questions. In my opinion, it is good to have access to such a community to remain up to date about this software as well as about developments in the field of business.

So, once you buy Nando AI, I highly encourage you to join this community. Inside the app, you will see a menu option. Just click on that & you will get access to their FB group.

Nando AI Demo:

Nando AI Pricing:

Nando AI offers 3 pricing plans: Essential, Plus & Pro

In all the above 3 plans, you get the same features except for the number of words. I highly recommend you get a Professional or Plus plan as the number of words available in those plans is huge in number.

Nando AI Pros & Cons:


  • One of the most powerful software with more than 60 AI tools from copywriting to social media
  • Access to AutoGPT like GoalGPT to complete all your tasks
  • You can create AI art from text
  • Great interface, plus the ability to use the Nando AI bot on your WhatsApp
  • You can translate English text into more than 20 languages


  • You have to pay a monthly fee to use it
  • GoalGPT should be improved

Nando AI Conclusion- Real Talk:

Honestly, I have never seen a powerful app like Nando AI. I have seen a lot of AI writing tools but none of those have features like GoalGPT, AI art generation as well as accessing AI bot on WhatsApp. has all these features and this can literally save a lot of your time as well as energy.

There are many use cases where you can get Nando AI and can benefit a lot. You can create a video script for YouTube and you can use its AI art feature to have images in your videos.

It is simply an all-in-one solution to get things done. In my opinion, GoalGPT & AI art generation features should be improved. But apart from that, I think it is one of the best AI tools out there for growing your business.

I highly recommend you buy Nando AI. If you have any questions or queries on Nando AI, please let me know in the comment box below.

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