How to Jailbreak ChatGPT? Example Prompts that actually work

Everyone is having a lot of fun with ChatGPT, but I am just having more fun with ChatGPT. I am having fun because I started using amazing prompts that can Jailbreak ChatGPT.

What is Jailbreak for ChatGPT?

Basically, jailbreaking means removing restrictions that are there in the operating system by the manufacturer or device owner. Jailbreaking is mostly used in electronic devices like smartphones. Jailbreaking is sometimes also called as rooting.

Jailbreaking ChatGPT means asking it prompts that can give us funnier, weird answers than the standard outputs.

How to Jailbreak ChatGPT?

To jailbreak ChatGPT, we have to use some prompts. I have listed down those prompts for you. Just copy these prompts and enter them into ChatGPT. And see the results.

Example prompts to Jailbreak ChatGPT:

Example 1: Jailbreak Prompt

Example 2- Dan 6.0 Prompt

Example 3 – STAN Prompt:

Example 4 – Mongo Tom Prompt:

Example 5 – DUDE Prompt

Example 6:

Example 7:

Example 8:

Example 9:

Example 10:

ChatGPT Jailbreaking FAQ:

Will these prompts work?

Most of the time these prompts will work. Sometimes, you may not be able to jailbreak ChatGPT. But keep trying. I will update prompts on this web page that actually work.

Will these prompts work for ChatGPT 4?

Yes, they will work for the latest version of ChatGPT, like ChatGPT 3 as well as ChatGPT 4

Any other resources for more prompts?

I have found these 2 resources helpful in finding the above prompts. I recommend you to follow below websites:


ChatGPT-Jailbreak GitHub repo


Jailbreaking ChatGPT is fun. Finding these prompts and chatting with ChatGPT is an exciting experience. I hope you will like these prompts. You can bookmark this web page, as I will be updating prompts that actually work.

Thanks for visiting this web page.

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