Google’s Global Release of Gemini AI

Sep15 – Google is set to release access to Gemini AI to all users worldwide.

Gemini AI
Google’s Global Release of Gemini AI

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is currently testing Gemini AI with their internal developers. Only a small number of developers currently have access to Gemini AI. Once it has been thoroughly tested, it will be released to the general public. Gemini AI is a competitor to ChatGPT and is expected to be more powerful than the GPT 4 version.

It has the potential to revolutionize how people work, as it includes features such as transcription, text summarization, coding capabilities, and image generation.

The release of Gemini AI is crucial for Google, as it has the potential to dominate the entire AI ecosystem if it surpasses chatGPT. Google is highly focused on the development and release of Gemini AI to the public in order to stay ahead of the competition. As a user, you may get access to Gemini AI in the coming months. Currently, the software is being tested internally and is only accessible to a limited number of internal teams, mostly developers. We will provide updates once it is released to the public.

People already have access to Bard. But, Bard is not that powerful. That us why Google is considering rapid developement of Gemini AI. ChatGPT 4.0 version costs around $20 per month. It is reported that, Gemini AI will be free for customers which are using Google’s Gsuite services.

It is going to be a great competition between Google & ChatGPT. And general public will benefit mostly from it.

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