Drafthorse AI Explained: Review, Key Features, Pros & Cons

Creating valuable content is key to growing your website traffic. In today’s world of AI, almost everyone is using AI tools to create content for their website. But with AI almost every AI tool, it takes quite a lot of time to create a well-researched article. This is a pain from which every blogger is suffering but in this article, I have a solution to get rid of this pain.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about a new AI writer, that I just found and I am completely loving it. The name of this software is Drafthorse AI. I am going to share my honest opinion about this tool.

Drafthorse AI
Drafthorse AI

Drafthorse AI Overview:

App NameDrafthorse AI
Ease of Use:4.4/5
Pricing:4 pricing plans are available
Overall Rating4.6/5

What is Drafthorse AI?

Drafthorse AI is an AI writing tool that creates hundreds of articles within minutes using the power of AI. This software is superior that other AI tools that I used for content writing.

The specialty of Drafthorse AI is its ability to create many articles within a fraction of the time.

How Drafthorse AI works?

Drafthorse AI works in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Sign into the software and click on the Create New button. We need to add the website name for which we want to write content.

In this step, you can connect your site directly to CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, Webhook, etc.

Drafthorse AI

Step 2: Create a keyword report. In this step, you have to upload the keywords on which you want to write the articles. You can also upload CSV files that contain keywords or you can enter the keywords manually.

Also, select the language in which you want to generate the article. As of now, Drafthorse AI supports more than 25 international languages. I have selected the language as English.

Drafthorse AI

After adding the keywords and language, click on the Create Report button. This tool will now start generating articles based on your keywords.

Step 3: Edit your content

In this step, all the articles will be generated & you will get an option to edit or format the articles.

In the below screenshot, you can see the output article. The article is more than 2000 words and looks very professional. You can format the content of the article, and add headlines, and images.

Drafthorse AI Key Features:

Write multiple articles simultaneously:

Drafthorse AI can write literally 100s of articles based on your keywords. It all depends on how many keywords you have.

For example, if you have like 10 keywords then just enter those 10 keywords in the Drafthorse app and it will create 10 different unique articles on those keywords.

This is what makes Drafthorse special. Now, as a blogger only thing you need to consider is finding quality, low-competition keywords. Once you found such keywords, add them in the Drafthorse app and you are ready to go.

So, make sure you add any number of keywords to generate any number of articles.

Generate long-form quality articles in a short time:

Creating long-form content is a challenging task and Drafthorse AI completes this without any hassle.

As per the Capitalize My Title, it takes around 25 minutes to write 1000 words article. And with Drafthorse, you can create 10-20 articles within the same time frame. And what I observed is most of the output articles contain more than 2000 words.

This tool saves you time in creating long-form blog posts.

Import Keywords from a spreadsheet:

Adding 100 keywords manually is quite a time-consuming task. In the app, you can just import a spreadsheet and it will fetch all the keywords for content creation.

In a lot of other AI writing apps, you may not get this feature. Add your keywords to the spreadsheet and import those into this software.

Export the content in a zip file or directly publish it to your website:

Once the content is ready, export it into zip files. You can also connect your website to Drafthorse and directly post the articles.

I highly recommend you use this feature for bulk content creation.

Drafthorse AI Pricing:

Drafthorse AI offers 4 pricing plans:

I recommend you get the Starter or Professional version. A professional plan is best as it supports over 100 languages and you can create content on 50 keywords per month.

Drafthorse AI pricing plans

If you are an agency or a website owner having 100,000 traffic then, go for the business plan.

Drafthorse AI Pros & Cons:


  • Bulk content creation
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Import keywords using a spreadsheet
  • Saves time for creating content
  • Creates well-researched and high-quality articles


It is quite costly for some folks, but I don’t see any disadvantage in using this app.

Who can use Drafthorse AI?

Drafthorse AI is suitable for everyone who is into bulk content creation. Bloggers who are just starting their content creation journey can use this app to get conversions, and clicks in less amount of time.

Even if you are an experienced blogger, you can use Drafthorse AI for boosting your content creation efforts. I recommend using this app, only for keywords on which we can generate long-form articles.

My final verdict on Drafthorse AI:

I have been using Drafthorse AI, for the last 2 weeks. This application is still in the early stage and in the future, I think we will see a lot of improvements.

After using it for 2 weeks, I can confidently say that this is a must-have tool for creating long-form articles. It supports all niches out there.

Sometimes, you may get some delay while creating articles in bulk. But apart from this, I haven’t found any issues while creating content with Drafthorse AI.

While creating an article on new keywords make sure it is producing the correct content. It is all about how you use this app.

Features like bulk content creation, and publishing content directly to your site make this app unique. The app is affordable and easy to use.

Considering all these reasons, I highly recommend you buy Drafthorse AI.

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