Die besten Puzzle-Spiele, die guy jetzt spielen kann.

It’s incorrect understatement to mention puzzles mode the spine of video video games as a medium of leisure.

For me, it began with video games like The Legend of Zelda: A Hyperlink to the Pace, during which dungeons contained various mysteries that driven me to imagine, and after rethink, how I old Hyperlink’s giant arsenal of gear to perform a role like, say, opening a mysterious door to a room. And date a number of journey video games assemble problem-solving a key side of exploring, simply modest aged puzzles even have performed a immense function within the historical past of video video games.

It may well be the image book-esque stylings of point-and-click video games like Goragoa or the mind-bending worlds of Cocoon, builders proceed to bathe fanatics of video games with a wide variety of brainteasers. Even within the month two years, I’ve clear guarantee video games — nonetheless puzzles! — tackle a unutilized degree of customery recognition during the breakout good fortune of video games just like the Pristine York Instances’ Wordle and now Connections.

There are in reality too many puzzle video games to choose between. If we in point of fact sought after to get philosophical, lets prolong this designation to the giant majority of video games. So we right here at Polygon made up our minds to begin through writing up a few of our non-public favourite puzzle video games. From vintage game video games like Puyo Puyo to the deviously smart seeing puns of Baba Is You, listed here are Polygon’s favourite puzzle video games. —Ana Diaz

Baba Is You

Symbol: Hempuli Oy

The place to play games: Android, iOS, Nintendo Transfer, Home windows PC

Baba Is You is a guarantee sport and an environmental puzzle sport, however now not in the best way that both of the ones style phrases most often get old.

On this sport, the phrases you choose alternate the state round you and all the situations of the sport itself — nearly such as you’re the extent fashion designer. The highest-down, 2D sport begins merely enough quantity, supplying you with laws within the mode of textual content at the display screen like “Baba is you” (you keep an eye on a minute sprite named Baba), “rock is push” (should you run up towards a rock, it’ll exit), and “flag is win” (contact the flag to finish the extent). However every of the ones items of textual content can also be moved round on display screen to charm out other instructions, thereby converting all the international. Pushing those items of textual content to in lieu assemble them say “rock is you” turns the rock right into a playable persona, date Baba merely stands there immobile.

That would possibly now not pitch too sophisticated, till the sport introduces a ton extra gadgets and movements, thereby permitting you to really feel like much more of a galaxy-brained clever upon understanding reorder them for your partial. Like the most efficient puzzle video games, Baba Is You are going to assemble you are feeling each sly and silly repeatedly — however most commonly sly, since you’ll be coaching your mind to suppose in tactics which are fully unutilized. —Maddy Myers

The Case of the Blonde Idol

Symbol: Colour Grey Video games/Playstack

The place to play games: Nintendo Transfer, Home windows PC

Similar to Go back of the Obra Dinn (extra on that during a sec), the actual paintings of gambling The Case of the Blonde Idol doesn’t contain the rest you do on display screen — it occurs for your head as you type during the clues the sport has equipped.

On this sport, it’s now not only one match that you wish to have to resolve, however a complete line of secret and fantastical murders to resolve, one after the other. The killings tug playground over the process a number of years, every of them indistinguishable somehow to a paranormal object with strange and deadly powers (the titular Blonde Idol). Like Obra Dinn, all you get are glimpses of every homicide, however now not a complete cutscene — simply an unsettling, looping animation of the sufferer’s ultimate moments. Because the omnipresent investigator, you’ll be able to type during the persona’s wallet and discover the sufferer’s atmosphere, which can mean you can construct clues and assemble an accusation — within the mode of a written logbook that has predetermined words for you to choose.

In that method, Blonde Idol comes to some technique of removal, since there are handiest ever such a lot of phrases that you’ll be able to put into your logbook to explain the homicide’s occasions, however the ones phrases would possibly now not assemble any sense to you till you’ve totally processed the scene and the clues. Once more, it is a sport that unfolds for your head and now not on display screen — as a result of as soon as you realize whodunit, deciding on the phrases that describe the answer is a complete air. This can be a sport that can have you ever wishing it’s worthwhile to erase your reminiscence and play games it once more. Happily, there’s some implausible DLC for it and a sequel at the method. —MM


Symbol: Geometric Interactive/Annapurna Interactive

The place to play games: Nintendo Transfer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Home windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Layout X

It’s tough to be in contact the phrases of a puzzle with out the usage of a unmarried form of discussion or piece of textual content, but that’s exactly what Cocoon does right through its shorten (four-to-five-hour) however monumentally important run date. You play games as a adorable minute trojan horse exploring a line of ordinary sci-fi worlds the usage of secret, sparkling orbs to move your self back and forth. Environmental hazards abound, however the trail past every of them at all times seems to be head-slappingly easy, requiring you to simply take a look at the minimum gear at your disposal and the usage of them for your merit. The pulsing synth soundtrack will boost up in a hopeful route each time you get nearer to fixing a puzzle, which is helping. The one irritating section is that Cocoon nonetheless has boss battles in between its oodles of environmental puzzles, and those are nice however now not just about as a laugh as, smartly, the puzzles. That’s why you’re right here, upcoming all. —MM


Impressive: Matt Patches/Polygon | Supply photographs: The Pristine York Instances

The place to play games: NY Instances Video games

Every now and then you wish to have a gorgeously rendered puzzle sport that you’ll be able to sink hours into in your PC or your console. And alternative instances, you wish to have “grid on phone.”

“Grid on phone” is having a time within the puzzle style — minutiae video games just like the Immaculate Grid or Vulture’s Cinematrix have captured the hearts of nerds of all stripes. However for my cash [Ed. note: Those games are all free] the Pristine York Instances’ day-to-day Connections is essentially the most entire and gratifying model of “grid on phone.”

Each and every life, avid gamers are introduced with a four-by-four grid of phrases. The objective is to search out 4 teams of 4 hooked up phrases: Possibly they rhyme, or must do with a hooked up subject, or can all worth the similar prefix or suffix. Some are tougher than others — in every prepared of 4 teams, most often two are good-looking simple and two are good-looking tough — and Connections scribbler Wyna Liu is relatively professional at tricking you into considering you’ve discovered a bunch the place one doesn’t exist. That degree of problem is what makes Connections difficult and a laugh, and while you supremacy to assumption essentially the most tough workforce of the life first, it’s a stunning feeling. —Pete Volk


Symbol: Capybara Video games

The place to play games: iOS, Nintendo Transfer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Home windows PC, Xbox One

Capybara Video games’ Grindstone is considered one of my go-to video games if I’m simply touring with my iPad. You play games as an ogre-like miner who slays monsters and collects pieces referred to as grindstones. To gather those stones and entire every degree, you’ll chart a trail thru a corral of monsters through connecting creatures of the similar shade. In the event you slay greater than 10 monsters in a single flip, you’ll be rewarded with a sunny grindstone that lets you proceed your chain assault with a another way coloured monster.

Grindstone is sleek right down to essentially the most tiny main points. The builders honed in on a robust sense of fashion that leans into colourful, cartoony artwork and abnormal persona design. Even miniature movements, like chopping thru monsters, feels oh-so gratifying as your minute ogre grunts and rips thru all of the minute creeps.

I additionally for my part like that you’ll be able to play games during the marketing campaign and improve your persona. So date it’s a puzzle sport, the sport does have a development part the place you energy up your minute miner. What’s extra is this a part of the sport additionally presented sure technique components, so it’s possible you’ll want to plan out what pieces and upgrades you’ll need relying at the explicit problem of every degree. —AD

Lumines Remastered

Symbol: Resonair/Fortify

The place to play games: Nintendo Transfer, PlayStation 4, Home windows PC, Xbox One

Have you ever ever liked a sport that you just completely suck at? That’s me with Lumines Remastered. On its face, this sport has a in lieu easy premise that can really feel relaxed to fanatics of alternative falling-block video games, however it by no means fails to kick my ass.

In the principle form, you’re employed with a generously huge board that’s 16 blocks lengthy and 10 grand. As you play games, a two-by-two sq. composed of smaller blocks falls from the govern of the display screen. Each and every of those squares has its personal mixture of 2 other colours of blocks. For instance, the primary degree has a silver-and-orange theme, so one sq. would possibly have 3 orange blocks, and after one silver delay within the higher proper nook. You sunny the board through arranging those smaller squares in order that the smaller blocks of the similar shade stack to mode alternative sq. and oblong shapes. You lose the sport as soon as the blocks stack up and surpass the peak of the board.

Lumines Remastered feels stunning to play games and has a stunning sense of fashion in addition. The sport has a rhythmic occasion to it for the reason that squares and rectangles of the similar shade don’t sunny till a cursor aligned with the beat passes over them. I for my part suppose fanatics of Tetris Impact will find it irresistible for its pulsing digital beats and glorious seeing results. I would possibly now not at all times get so far as I need, however I’ll at all times come again for extra. —AD


Symbol: PopCap Video games/Digital Arts

The place to play games: Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, Home windows PC, Xbox 360

Peggle was once immune in 2007 and it’s nonetheless one of the crucial perfect puzzle video games of all date. A mixture of Eastern playing arcade sport pachinko, pinball machines, and centuries-old billiards sport Bagatelle, Peggle is performed through launching a ball from the govern of the display screen to bop round and sunny a board stuffed with pegs. It’s a mixture of good fortune and technique in deciding the place to attempt the ball to maximise the volume of pegs which are lit up or cleared. It’s natural serotonin while you assemble abundance mixtures or sunny the board — prepared to an epic rendition of Beethoven’s Symphony Negative. 9, specifically “Ode to Joy.”

I keep in mind gambling Peggle on Xbox Reside Arcade, however it’s now to be had on principally all platforms. PopCap in the end immune Peggle Nights and Peggle 2, plus Peggle for cell units, amongst others. From its primary good fortune, Peggle has nearly transform a style: There’s roguelike Peglin, dungeon crawler Roundguard, and role-playing sport Beast Breaker, should you’re having a look to boost the fresh gameplay. —Nicole Wood worker


Symbol: Jupiter

The place to play games: Nintendo Transfer

Nonograms like Picross are a tried-and-true puzzle structure. In Picross video games, you fill in farmlands on a grid to show an image through the usage of numbered hints assigned to every form. My non-public favourite model of it’s Sega’s: the Picross S video games for Nintendo Transfer. Sega immune the primary Picross S in 2017 and has immune greater than 8 other variations of it since. (I performed Picross S4 and 5, and loved the ones ones particularly.)

Picross video games have a laid-back really feel that’s significantly much less frantic than one of the crucial alternative choices in this listing. You’ll be told the fundamentals in mins and relax whenever you do. I for my part admire how the Picross S line feels stunning to play games in a virtual structure because it will provide you with all of the notation gear you wish to have to be successful.

Picross would assemble the easiest game for the sudoku-inclined. I’d additionally challenge to mention that its laid-back gameplay and nearly pen-and-paper really feel would assemble it a stunning upcoming step for any fanatics of guarantee video games short of to effort one thing unutilized. It’s the easiest sport to play games on a inactive Sunday morning as you drink a immense cup of espresso. —AD

Area Card Jockey: Journey On!

Symbol: Recreation Freak/Apple

The place to play games: iOS, Nintendo Transfer

One among my favorites puzzle sport genres is “improbable mashup of solitaire with something else” (see the access for Regency Solitaire on this listing), and also you don’t get extra unbelievable than Pokémon developer Recreation Freak’s crash of frantic, high-speed card-clearing with a shockingly deep and tactical horse-racing sim. At the beginning showing on Nintendo 3DS, Area Card Jockey is now to be had in a remake for iOS (by the use of Apple Arcade) and Nintendo Transfer. The sport comes to clearing arms of playing cards in no time towards the clock to decide your good fortune in diverse stages of the pony race, however there’s a load of alternative stuff occurring too, together with managing your horse’s positioning at the monitor, its ranges of power and stamina, and so forth. There’s even an concerned and long profession form the place breeding and solid control comes into play games. Tremendous adorable and obtainable at the floor, Area Card Jockey is a deep, hypnotic, and thrilling mashup of sports activities and puzzle sport beneath the skin. —Oli Welsh

Pokémon Puzzle League

Symbol: Nintendo

The place to play games: Nintendo Transfer On-line + Growth Gather

After I’m striking out with population across the vacations, there’s at all times one sport that comes out. It’s now not a sleepy-eyed Mario Kart or the rest like that, incorrect — we simply like to play games Pokémon Puzzle League.

At the beginning immune on Nintendo 64 in 2000, we now benefit from the sport through gambling it by the use of the Nintendo Transfer On-line + Growth Gather subscription. The sport is principally Tetris Assault (sometimes called Panel de Pon) with a Pokémon pores and skin. You navigate a one-by-two cursor that flips the blocks from one spot to some other. So in case you have a purple “fire-type” delay sitting to the left of a blue “water-type” delay, it’ll change their spots so the blue one is at the left and purple is at the proper. Nearest, you simply effort to compare up strains of 3 of the similar shade or extra. While you get into it, the sport can tackle a dizzyingly speedy occasion that may hook you in for hours.

With a soundtrack that incorporates cutesy variations of vintage tracks like “Pokémon World” and crunchy animated seeing from the early date of the franchise, it’ll tickle any longtime fanatics of the line. On the other hand, it nonetheless holds up as a stunning puzzle sport and is a pleasure to play games in native co-op with the non-Pokémon enthusiasts in my hour. —AD

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Symbol: Sonic Staff, Bitbaboon/Sega by the use of Polygon

The place to play games: Nintendo Transfer, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Home windows PC, Xbox One

If there may be one sport in this listing that has an uncanny talent to shed me and my pals red-eyed and questioning the way it’s already 3:00 a.m., it’s Puyo Puyo Tetris.

The sport combines Puyo Puyo — the loved color-matching sport from Sega — and Tetris, the vintage falling-block sport with tetrominoes. It’s roughly a question of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and Tetris undoubtedly doesn’t want any solving. Puyo Puyo Tetris (and its accompanying sequel) have lengthy been my sofa co-op Tetris sport of selection.

Date the sport does have single-player content material, I’ve handiest ever performed it with others. In a game, every consumer will get to choose from gambling with the Puyo Puyo form or Tetris form. You’ll play games with as much as 4 crowd without delay, and clearing strains at the board within the Tetris model or indistinguishable colours within the Puyo Puyo model sends assaults that refill your competition’ forums with grey blocks or Puyos.

Puyo Puyo Tetris blends the 2 classics excellently, despite the fact that my teams have a tendency to skew towards the Tetris facet of items. I’ve had pals leap in with Puyo and it supplies a unutilized roughly problem as a Tetris participant. The only downside? Some would possibly to find the voice-over of its cool animated film characters a tad aggravating, however even their grating nature can also be endearing in its personal method, particularly should you’re one to cry into the past due hours of the night time. —AD

Puzzle & Dragons Tale

Symbol: GungHo On-line Leisure

The place to play games: iOS

Puzzle & Dragons Tale is an Apple Arcade sport that mixes creature combating and match-3 techniques. The vintage tile-matching gameplay is the place you’ll be attacking the monsters you’re combating — what you game determines how hardened you strike, what part is boosted, or while you heal. It’s a type of video games that appears simple, however there’s a quantity of technique concerned while you get into the depths.

The franchise has been round since 2012 in numerous other methods on cell, however Puzzle & Dragons Tale is the untouched drop, putting off the microtransactions from the sport — one of the crucial heavy issues the sport has been criticized for within the month. Between the dungeons, Puzzle & Dragons Tale is stuffed out with a dramatic narrative that’s simple to eat in miniature bites, making this considered one of my govern video games for each time I’ve were given a alternative time. —NC

Regency Solitaire

Symbol: Gray Alien Video games

The place to play games: Nintendo Transfer, Home windows PC

For soothing, smooth-brain puzzling in the actual casual-gaming custom, you’ll be able to’t do higher than this lavish solitaire variant with a Jane Austen-inspired storyline. In 2015’s Regency Solitaire and its 2024 sequel you play games Bella, a social-climbing debutante whose pursuit of the easiest marital game is punctuated through plenty of attractively organized tableaux of playing cards to sunny through clicking on them. And the click feels stunning — developer Gray Alien Video games is a grasp of this kind of factor, so the hard pitch results and luminous arcade-style scoring techniques are completely tuned to book you pleasantly in demand, however now not too excited. The Austen pastiche is good-looking humorous, too. There’s now not a lot to choose from the primary and 2d video games, however Regency Solitaire 2 appears higher on fashionable shows, and is a tad extra subtle. (The fresh is to be had on Transfer and PC; Regency Solitaire 2 is on PC handiest.) —OW

Go back of the Obra Dinn

Symbol: Lucas Pope/3909

The place to play games: Nintendo Transfer, PlayStation 4, Home windows PC, Xbox One

The vessel Obra Dinn left port with 60 souls boarded and returned without any alive. It’s your process to infer what came about to every member of its team and the way they met their destiny. You’re given a team manifest, some sketches, and a region observe. The use of this tool upcoming to a corpse or alternative attractions items you with a snapshot of the way the incident came about and a bit of of discussion, permitting you to piece in combination occasions as you discover extra of the send.

The primary handful of deductions are rather easy, however as you pass names off your listing, proof turns into an increasing number of difficult to understand, forcing you to fill within the blanks through cross-referencing unutilized knowledge because it turns into to be had. You’ve got a limiteless quantity of date to come back for your conclusions prior to departing, however the Obra Dinn isn’t a specifically hospitable playground. From the time you step boarded, the eerie peace is punctuated handiest through your footsteps and the groaning of the vessel towards the an increasing number of stressed wave. Even with the data that I may shed at any date, I discovered myself from time to time leaping at shadows and questioning if I wasn’t joined through some spectral passenger.

The primary-person viewpoint would possibly throw any person that’s unfamiliar with the style, however the easy keep an eye on scheme and gradual occasion assure that it rest obtainable for any person searching for a puzzle sport that offer an truthfully distinctive enjoy. —Alice Jovanée

Suika Recreation

Symbol: Aladdin X by the use of Polygon

The place to play games: Nintendo Transfer

Suika Recreation was once considered one of my most-played video games latter moment, and will probably be within the operating in 2024, too. Even with such a lot of hours logged, I’m now not excellent at Suika Recreation, and I’m now not certain I ever shall be. And but, I book gambling — the fruit-merging sport has its hooks deep in me. It’s, once more, a type of deceptively easy video games: Simply mix two of the similar fruit and book end result from spilling out of the field? Simple, proper? Negative! That is like Tetris if it had soar physics, so that you even have to fret about end result taking pictures themselves out of the field with a peculiar soar. Despite the fact that I am getting annoyed, I book coming again as a result of this can be a compelling mixture of talent and good fortune — however most probably most commonly good fortune. You’ll handiest play games Suika Recreation on Nintendo Transfer in the USA at this time, however there’s hope for it coming to cell. —NC

The Observer

Symbol: Thekla Inc.

The place to play games: Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Home windows PC, Xbox One

If you wish to cross on a philosophical move into the center of puzzles as an artwork mode — and who doesn’t? — there may be possibly just one sport that may tug you there: The Observer, the summary, first-person puzzle journey that was once fashion designer Jonathan Fritter away’s follow-up to Braid. In some way it remembers Myst; you wander round a ordinary, idyllic, blank island, fixing puzzles to liberate unutilized gardens. However in The Observer, completely all of the puzzles, which you get admission to by the use of panels within the sport international, are 2D maze puzzles, permutations on an fresh design of Fritter away’s. Thru numerous variations, Fritter away builds upon this easy puzzle thought, turning it right into a language in its personal proper and a discussion with the participant — like Bach turning a easy melody into the Goldberg Permutations. It’s some of the rigorous and difficult explorations of sport design ever, and an very important enjoy for the actual puzzle gourmet. —OW

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