Der vollständige Leitfaden zum Schimmern in Terraria

Erfahren Sie alles über Schimmer in Terraria und wie Sie sie finden, sammeln und verwenden können. Tauchen Sie ein in die glitzernde Welt und entdecken Sie die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten, die Schimmer in diesem Spiel bieten.

Terraria has not too long ago added the Shimmer liquid in model 1.4.4. This liquid lets you transmute gadgets into alternative issues. With the quantity of things transmutable, you’re certain to want an entire information to shimmer in Terraria. We’re right here to provide an explanation for the entirety there may be so that you can find out about this unutilized liquid within the sport.

Shimmer 101: An Evaluation

Shimmer in Terraria is an extraordinary liquid that may be moderately elusive because it doesn’t at all times spawn in each generated global. This liquid lets you form tough upgrades, download everlasting buffs, or even lets in avid gamers to un-craft positive pieces. With the creation of Grasp Form, the upgrades from Shimmer transmutations changed into extra decent to all Terraria avid gamers.

The best way to download Shimmer

Shimmer can naturally spawn right through global era put up model 1.4.4 and is usually discovered together with the sector the place the Woodland spawns. This liquid will also be discovered within the Aether mini-biome within the Underground or Cavern layers. On the other hand, this liquid can’t be harvested the use of blank buckets as you can with Aqua, Lava, and Honey.

For petite worlds, a handy guide a rough technique to to find the biome can be to dig directly indisposed from the top of the shore of the Seashore biome because it on occasion immediately spawns in that branch. For medium to immense worlds, discovering the mini-biome is more uncomplicated to do from the brink of the Underground Woodland biome, with you digging in opposition to the route of the Ocean.

My global didn’t spawn the Aether! Aid!

In case your global didn’t generate the Aether biome, or in case you’re the use of an used global, it IS nonetheless imaginable to introduce the Shimmer liquid into your global. This form will require you to have crushed Moon Lord.

Your first step can be to procure the Bottomless Aqua Bucket from the Angler Quests, which has a 1 in 70 prospect to loose nearest the tenth quest or is a assured loose from the twenty fifth quest. This bucket can next be blended with 10 Luminite Bars in an Historical Manipulator to form a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket.

From right here, you’ll form your personal Shimmer puddle any place to your global. If you wish to get your Bottomless Aqua Bucket again, simply throw the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket right into a Shimmer Puddle and it will have to transmute again. This form is going each techniques to change between Aqua and Shimmer buckets.

Transporting Shimmer

As now we have discussed previous, Shimmer can’t be accumulated thru buckets. That mentioned, if you wish to delivery Shimmer sooner than getting a Bottomless bucket, you do be able of the use of pumps to move it in your bottom OR you’ll simply form a bottom round it.

That is the one manner as of one.4.4.9 to move Shimmer sooner than beating Moon Lord.

Distinctive Shimmer Transmutations

Shimmer’s number one utility is to transmute pieces into alternative issues. Throwing issues into the shimmer will assemble many various reactions. Those length from developing unutilized buffs, de-crafting pieces, or even developing “alternate” global ores (e.g. platinum to gold, titanium to adamantite, and so on.). 

So with out additional ado, let’s dive into all of the to be had transmutations within the sport.

Everlasting Upgrades

Right here’s a handy guide a rough information to the everlasting buffs you’ll get from the Shimmer Transmutations. These things can best be impaired as soon as in line with participant.

InputOutputNotesLife CrystalVital CrystalIncreases fitness regeneration through 20p.cMana CrystalArcane CrystalImproves mana regenerationLife FruitAegis FruitAdds 4 bottom defenseAny Fruit (e.g. Grapes, Oranges, Apples)AmbrosiaIncreases mining, tile, and wall placement speeds through 5p.cGold WormGummy WormAdds 3 fishing powerPink PearlGalaxy PearlIncreases success through 0.03Spell TomeAdvanced Struggle Tactics: Quantity TwoAdds 6 protection and 20% assault injury to all NPCs in townPeddler’s HatPeddler’s SatchelAdds 1 merchandise to Travelling Service provider’s store inventorySparkle Slime BalloonDiva SlimeAllows the Diva Slime into your the town. Can best be impaired as soon as in line with global

Historical Bricks Transmutations

InputOutputNotesCopper BrickAncient Copper BrickNon-reversibleSilver BrickAncient Silver BrickNon-reversibleGold BrickAncient Gold BrickNon-reversibleBlue BrickAncient Blue BrickNon-reversibleGreen BrickAncient Inexperienced BrickNon-reversiblePink BrickAncient Purple BrickNon-reversibleObsidian BrickAncient Obsidian BrickNon-reversibleHellstone BrickAncient Hellstone BrickNon-reversibleCobalt BrickAncient Cobalt BrickNon-reversibleMythril BrickAncient Mythril BrickNon-reversible

Historical Armor Transmutations

InputOutputNotesIron HelmetAncient Iron HelmetReversibleGold HelmetAncient Gold HelmetReversibleJungle HatAncient Cobalt HelmetReversibleJungle ShirtAncient Cobalt BreastplateReversibleJungle PantsAncient Cobalt LeggingsReversibleNecro HelmetAncient Necro HelmetReversibleShadow HelmetAncient Silhoutte HelmetReversibleShadow ScalemailAncient Silhoutte ScalemailReversibleShadow GreavesAncient Silhoutte GreavesReversible

Used One’s Military Guns

For Used One’s Military Guns, it is going in a cycle that remains inside of your weapon’s tier (T1 Rod, T2 Cane, T3 Team of workers)

For simplicity, the cycle is:

Flameburst > Ballista > Explosive > Lightning Air of mystery > Flameburst

Unsafe Biome Partitions and Enviornment Pieces

The shimmer in Terraria too can flip some crafted biome partitions into their mob-spawning opposite numbers for more uncomplicated synthetic biome foundation.

InputOutputNotesSpider WallInfested Spider WallReversibleSandstone WallTreacherous Sandstone WallReversibleHardened Sand WallTreacherous Juiceless Sand WallReversibleBlue / Inexperienced / Purple Slab WallCursed Blue / Inexperienced / Purple Slab WallReversibleLizahrd Brick WallForbidden Lizahrd Brick WallReversible. Calls for Golem to be defeatedWater BucketLava BucketLava BucketHoney BucketHoney BucketWater Bucket

Dungeon Loot

InputOutputNotesAlchemy TableBewitching TableReversibleBiome Key (e.g. Corruption Key, Woodland Key, and so on.)Biome Chest (e.g. Corruption Chest, Woodland Chest, and so on.)Non-reversible

Fishing Crates

Throwing any Hardmode Fishing Crate will revert it to its pre-Hardmode counterpart.


Hellstone Crate becomes Obsidian Crate, Titanium Crate becomes Yellowish Crate, and so on.

There’s no get advantages to doing this because the pieces within the crates will simply have a worse loot desk.

Crafting Fabrics: Ores and Gem stones

Ores and Gem stones are made to decrease in worth every future they’re thrown into the Shimmer. 

For a listing in their diminishing values, please see the desk underneath.

Pre-Hardmode OresHardmode OresGemsPlatinumLuminiteDiamondGoldChlorophyteRubyTungstenTitaniumEmeraldSilverAdamantiteSapphireLeadOrichalcumTopazIronMythrilAmethystTinPalladiumCopperCobalt

Following this record, transmuting from Cobalt ores will lead to Platinum ore. Transmuting any longer from Copper ore and Amethysts will best yielding Stone Blocks. Notice that transmuting any Gem Critter (e.g. Amethyst Bunny, Topaz Squirrel, and so on.) will lead to their corresponding gem stones. On the other hand, Gold Critters won’t give Gold Cash or Ores.

Construction Fabrics

InputOutputNotesStone BlockDirt BlockNon-reversibleWoodDirt BlockNon-reversibleAny Timber Variation (e.g. Ebonwood, Pearlwood, and so on.)WoodNon-reversibleMarble BlockGranite BlockReversibleAny Juiceless Sand / Sandstone Forbid (e.g. Ebon, Crim, Pearl)Respective Sand BlockReverts Solidifier CraftingIce BlockSnow BlockReverts Ice Gadget CraftingHoney and Crisp Honey BlockHiveNon-reversibleLuminite BrickHeavenforge / Lunar Rust / Astra / Cloudy Celestial / Mercury / Big name Royale / Cryocore / Cosmic Ember BrickType of brick differs relying at the Moon PhaseAny MossHelium MossNon-reversible

Aether-themed Pieces

InputOutputNotesWooden / Hellfire ArrowShimmer ArrowNon-reversibleFlare / Blue FlareShimmer FlareNon-reversibleAny TorchAether TorchNon-reversibleCampfireAether CampfireNon-reversibleAngel StatueAether MonolithNon-reversibleEnchanted SundialEnchanted MoondialNon-reversibleStar CloakChromatic CloakNon-reversible

The Chromatic Cover is a novel merchandise that lets you keep watch over the Shimmered condition when the participant dives right into a lake of shimmer in Terraria.


These kind of equipment simply cycle thru one any other. One of the most 

InputOutputBalloon PufferfishShiny Crimson BalloonPharaoh’s MaskSandstorm in a BottlePharaoh’s RobeFlying CarpetSandstorm in a BottlePharaoh’s MaskFlying CarpetPharaoh’s RobeMagma StoneLava CharmLava CharmMagma StoneSextantWeather RadioWeather RadioFisherman’s Patch GuideFisherman’s Patch GuideSextantAdhesive BandageBezoarBezoarAdhesive BandageArmor PolishVitaminsVitaminsArmor PolishBlindfoldPocket MirrorPocket MirrorBlindfoldFast ClockTrifold MapTrifold MapFast ClockMegaphoneNazarNazarMegaphoneSummoner EmblemWarrior EmblemWarrior EmblemRanger EmblemRanger EmblemSorcerer EmblemSorcerer EmblemSummoner EmblemHigh Take a look at Fishing LineAngler EarringAngler EarringTackle BoxTackle BoxHigh Take a look at Fishing LineLucky CoinGold RingGold RingDiscount CardDiscount CardLucky Coin

Miscellaneous Pieces

This category comprises all of the alternative pieces that may’t be classified in all of the earlier divisions.

InputOutputNotesJungle Grass SeedsMushroom Grass SeedsReversibleVile / Vicious PowderPurification PowderNon-reversibleZombie ArmWhoopie CushionNon-reversibleWhoopie CushionGas TrapNon-reversibleUsed Fuel TrapGas TrapNon-reversibleClentaminatorTerraformerNon-reversible. Submit Moon LordRod of DiscordRod of HarmonyNon-reversible. Submit Moon LordBottomless Aqua BucketBottomless Shimmer BucketNon-reversible. Submit Moon LordRecorded Track BoxesMusic BoxRemoves any recording on Track BoxesCan of WormsHerb BagReversibleCopper CoinnoneIncreases Coin Good fortune counter through 1Silver CoinnoneIncreases Coin Good fortune counter through 100Gold CoinnoneIncreases Coin Good fortune counter through 10,000Platinum CoinnoneIncreases Coin Good fortune counter to complete

Alternative Makes use of for Shimmer

Mob and NPC Transformations

Shimmer in Terraria will also be impaired to turn into particular mobs into an Aether mob. Those come with remodeling any Zombie into Skeletons, and any Slime into Shimmer Slime. Bosses like King and Queen Slime don’t turn into within the Shimmer.

Alternative mobs that turn into are the Critters, except the Slime, Christmas, and Celebration Bunnies. Alternative exceptions come with the Gold Malicious program and Gem Critters. Any alternative critter will turn into right into a Faeling when involved with Shimmer.

Any The city NPC (with the exception of slimes, cats, and canine) will even turn into into their Shimmered methods when submerged in Shimmer.

Decrafting Apparatus

Tossing crafted pieces too can decraft them into their unadorned components. That mentioned, there are some alternative ways by which the sport comes to a decision how to take action. Pieces with a couple of recipes can have a particular pre-selected element record that it will get decrafted into. 

An instance of this will be the Spell Replicate, which will also be crafted the use of Glass, Diamonds, and both Gold or Platinum Bars. Throwing a Spell Replicate into the Shimmer, alternatively, will best grant you with Gold Bars, even though your global began with Platinum.

Apply this information for the entire record for multi-recipe decrafting:

InputOutputSticky Filth BombDirt BombGelIronskin PotionBottled WaterDaybloomSpelunker PotionIron OreBottled WaterBlinkrootMoonglowFlinx Fur CoatGold OreSilk× 10Flinx Fur× 8Flinx StaffGold Bar× 8Flinx Fur× 6Unholy Arrow× 5Gold Bar× 10Wooden Arrow× 5Shell PileWorm ToothWater CandleSeashellCandleAxe of RegrowthStaff of RegrowthCopper AxeJungle Spores× 12Vine× 3Peace CandleGold Bar× 2Pink TorchThroneSilk× 20Gold Bar× 30FlymealGold BroadswordStinkbug× 5Frost HelmetAdamantite Bar× 10Frost CoreFrost BreastplateAdamantite Bar× 20Frost CoreFrost LeggingsAdamantite Bar× 16Frost CoreForbidden MaskAdamantite Bar× 10Forbidden FragmentForbidden RobesAdamantite Bar× 20Forbidden FragmentForbidden TreadsAdamantite Bar× 16Forbidden FragmentGPSGold WatchDepth MeterCompassMagic MirrorGlass× 10Gold Bar× 8Diamond× 3Cell PhonePDAMagic MirrorFrog GearFrog FlipperTiger Hiking GearBundle of Horseshoe BalloonsCloud in a BalloonBlizzard in a BalloonSandstorm in a BalloonLucky HorseshoeSpectre BootsHermes BootsRocket BootsMolten Cranium RoseMagma SkullObsidian RoseLava WadersObsidian Aqua Strolling BootsLava CharmObsidian RoseAvenger EmblemWarrior EmblemSoul of May× 5Soul of Visible× 5Soul of Fright× 5Slime CrownGel× 20Gold Crown

Notice that the one potions within the record above are the Ironskin and Spelunker potions. Any alternative merchandise crafted from Positioned Bottles or Alchemy Tables are decrafted into random potion  components in lieu.

Decrafting boss-locked furnishings

For furnishings, themed pieces underneath Skeletron and Golem would require you to have crushed the boss first. For Skeletron, this comprises any Piano crafting recipe as Pianos are best first of all discovered within the Dungeon.

Non-decraftable pieces

Since there are some stability problems provide with decrafting, there have been some exceptions added to the transmutation desk. 

These things are indexed underneath:

Non-decraftable itemsBowl of SoupCooked ShrimpDry Rocket3 2nd TimerGrub SoupLobster TailDry Bomb5 2nd TimerFroggle BunwichSeafood DinnerTerra ToiletCrawdad BannerSauteed Frog LegsLesser Fix PotionSolar FragmentSalamander BannerRoasted BirdRestoration PotionVortex FragmentGiant Shelly BannerBunny StewHealing PotionNebula FragmentPanic NecklaceEscargotGreater Fix PotionStardust FragmentBand of StarpowerGolden DelightSuper Fix PotionBlizzard in a BottleFlesh Cloning VatCooked FishMana Potion1 2nd TimerDecay ChamberSashimiSuper Mana Potion  

Shimmering Debuff

The terminating factor on our record is the Shimmering Debuff which is implemented on every occasion the participant jumps right into a lake of shimmer in Terraria. This debuff will assemble the participant “fall” regularly during the global or till they achieve a 2×3 opening that the participant fashion can are compatible in.

Life on this environment, you’re not able to utility any gear or pieces pace additionally being exempt to any non-boss injury. This can be a stunning and flashy technique to form a Hellevator because it additionally robotically expires whilst you accident the Underworld Biome.

The entire results of the Shimmering Debuff will also be managed when the use of the Chromatic Cover discussed within the Aether-themed Pieces category.

When you’ve got any favourite techniques to utility Shimmer that you simply suppose we neglected, let us know within the feedback underneath!

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