Coca-Cola’s New AI Soda Flavor: A Taste of the Future, But Not a Good One

Coca-Cola’s new AI-generated soda flavor tastes very bad. ChatGPT’s is going all across the world, and it’s just creating a lot of hype. Now, CokeGPT, which is a hype around ChatGPT, is half-baked, and it does not sound good or taste good.

What is Coca-Cola AI?

AI is everywhere and every company is using this AI hype as their marketing strategy. Now, Coca-Cola, who is a large brand, used AI to suggest them a new kind of flavor, which is 100 percent created by AI. That is Coca Cola AI. They created this new flavor with the help of AI, and this new flavor will create a Coca-Cola drink. The flavor that was created is called as Y3000.

Now, this Coca-Cola Y3000 flavor is available in a very limited stores all across the country. So it’s available in your local stores, but it’s very limited. There are two kinds of these AI flavors. One is regular Y3000, and another is Y3000 Zero Sugar.

What is the taste of Coca Cola Y3000?

Coca-Cola Y3000, which is 100 percent AI-generated, and it should taste like a fruit mixture it doesn’t taste very good.

Real reason why they introduced this new flavor is because of AI, they used AI to suggest the ingredients to actually create this flavor. Many people and some of my friends also tasted the Coca-Cola Y3000, and that drink does not taste good, and it tastes like fruits, and it also has some flavors of butter, vanilla, as well as caramel.

Now, there is a twist in the Y3000. So once you buy the Y3000, you get an opportunity of experience virtual reality. Once you buy it, you have to scan the QR code which is on their bottle, and once you scan the QR code, it will open a web app, and on that web app, you will see a virtual world. In that world, you will see what it feels like to be in the year 3000. So you will see all the things which are in the year 3000.

Strategy behind Coca-Cola to introduce Y3000 is to see how the AI-generated Coke will taste like, and they also give you the feeling of the world that will be in the year 3000 with the help of this particular flavor.

So that’s it about the Coca-Cola’s new AI-generated flavor and how it tastes like. So see you in the next news, guys.

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