BlueWillow AI FREE Course- A Complete Guide On How To Create AI images using BlueWillow AI

What is BlueWillow AI?

BlueWillow AI creates AI images from text prompt. That means you just enter the keywords and it will generate an AI image based on those keywords. Best thing is BlueWillow AI is FREE to use. So anyone can use BlueWillow AI

How to Sign Up for BlueWillow AI?

Just go to their official website and click on “Join the FREE Beta” button. A discord page will open, just click on Join server button.

Basics of BlueWillow AI:

Join any rookie channel

Once you are in the BlueWillow AI discord server, you have to join a channel in order to create your images. To join the channel, click on Show all channel option

Click on Show All Channel

Click on Any rookie channel

Start writing your text prompt

Start any message or prompt, with /imagine

Let’s enter FOCUS MODE:

If you join any rookie channel then your prompts are visible to every person on that channel. But now let’s enter focus mode so that your prompt will be visible to only you. For that you need to right click on the discord bot logo and click on Message.

Once you are in Focus mode, you directly talk to bot. You are now not part of any channel. Directly talking to bot keepts your generated images private and you can see all images you generated previously by just scrolling up.

Commands for creating Horizontal & Vertical images:

Horizontal Command: –ar 3:2

Just type –ar 3:2 at the end of your prompt to create horizontal images

Example Input: /imagine cute dog photograph –ar 3:2


Just type –ar 2:3 at the end of your prompt to create vertical images

Example Input: /imagine cute dog photograph –ar 2:3


Example prompts for creating Anime images:

1. Anime girl in mail armor, golden sword, pink hair, blue eyes, neon lights

2. Anime boy blue and red eyes, holding a sniper rifle

3. anime young boy, black long messy hair, red eyes, red tattoo under eyes, happy face, black hoodie, glowing blue, manga

4. purple hair anime brown guy, brown face, hoodie, light brown skin, hacker, no expression, no emotion, anime style, manga, cartoon, anime

5. a cute beautiful 30 year old anime girl listening to relaxing music with her headphones that takes her to a surreal forest, long wavy blond hair, sky blue eyes, full round face, front view, mid – shot, highly detailed, 8k, pink background

5. anime girl with long hair wearing oversized hoodie eating ice cream, black hair, blue eyes realistic detailes, 2d illustration, glamour, fashion style, 8k

Example prompts for creating stickers:

1. sticker, happy colorful corgi wearing headphones, kawaii, vector, solid background

2. sticker, neon lights, owl wearing headphone, kawaii, contour, vector, colorful, solid background

3. lion head, neon lights, polygonal, line illustration, sticker

4. cute dog sticker, vector, digital illustration

5. cute baby cat stickers, happy, colorful

6. chibi style, cute cat, sticker, vector, white border

Example prompts for creating dog/cat or other animal images:

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