Answers AI Explained – Get answers of all your assignment questions!

There are a lot of AI tools that we can use to improve our life as a student and one of those is Answers AI. So, welcome to this blog post where I am going to show you how you can use Answers AI in the best way to get more grades as a student.

What is Answers AI?

Answers AI is a cloud-based app that answers all your questions about any subject. Answers AI app gives you answers of any subject and it is like unlimited answers for just $5 per month. comes with the Chrome extension that means if you are using any website and giving any of your exams you have to just turn on the Chrome extension and it will just read the question and it will answer it using ChatGPT. 

How Answers AI Works?

Step 1: Download their Chrome extension

Step 2: Open a website where all the questions or quizzes are present

Step 3: Turn on the Chrome extension and it will suggest answers of all the questions available on the page

Answers AI Key Features:

  • Answers AI app gives answers to any questions. Whether the question is from physics, mathematics or chemistry you don’t need to worry you have to just turn on their Chrome extension and it is going to do its work with the power of AI.
  • Works best for MCQ questions. 

Answers AI App Pricing: is quite cheap as compared to other software apps that do similar work. It only costs around $5 per month but with those $5 per month you can get answers to unlimited multiple choice questions.

As of now, no discount is available to buy this app.

Answers AI Pros- What I really liked about?

After my testing, what I really liked about Answers AI is the accuracy of the answers that it gives. I have tested many other software but here Answers AI stands out for its accuracy and efficiency.  So if you’re on any quiz websites, this app is going to work like a champ and it’s going to work for any subjects so no matter on which topic you want an answer, Answers AI is going to work for you. These are the things that I liked about this cool app. 

Answers AI Cons:

As of now Answers AI is only going to work for multiple choice questions So if you want answers of descriptive questions then it’s not going to work. That’s the only disadvantage of using the Answers AI

Answers AI App – Conclusion:

In my opinion is one of the best tools that’s available for us to get answers of any assignment questions or any course questions. I think this one of the best tools that I have seen.Only thing that I don’t like is that we can’t get answers of descriptive questions and it is only for like only a particular types of questions that are available in the quiz format 

Overall, I highly recommend you to get this software as it’s going to help you a lot in your studies and it can also help you to get better grades if you use it properly. Thanks for reading

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