AI Hub Server Got Deleted? Get Info About New Server Link & how to recover deleted files?

AI Hub Discord just got deleted. Now, a lot of Discord users are saying that they just got removed from AI Hub Discord. This news is just crazy for most of the people because like many people are trying to find their voice models and they are saying that the whole server just got disappeared and that’s really a sad news for the people that are working on that server or who are using that server for their different applications.

AI Hub Server Got Deleted Get Info About New Server Link & how to recover deleted files

Now, some of them are saying that all the work that they have put, it just gone waste because you know the entire server got deleted.

How AI Hub Server Got Deleted?

There was one individual who was spamming the chat with copyrighted videos and some people believe that due to that particular thing, all the messages got reported and that caused Discord server to get deleted. One of the channels present on the Discord also got deleted for the reason copyright violation.

As per moderators of the discord server, they are trying to recover the server because a lot of people were using their RBC models on their server and as per their opinion, the server got deleted by the Discord. All the models that were present in the server got archived and the moderators are trying to cope up with this situation, they are going to handle this situation very well and that’s really going to be a great thing to have.

How to recover AI Hub server Deleted Files?

Chances of recovering your files are very less. But as per some users, backup of all files is available on the

Reddit is not happy with the decision and people are just not happy for this.

In my opinion, check whether you can see backup on above website.

New link of AI Hub Server?

Apart from that, there is a new temporary link to the official AI Hub server:

I am just giving this link, so just use this link but apart from that we can’t do anything and that’s it about how AI hub server got deleted news.

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