What is Barbie Selfie AI & How to use it to create your Barbie Selfie Poster?

On 4th Aprile, trailer of movie Barbie officially launched. The creators of movie have a launched a free tool called as Barbie Selfie AI that helps users to create their own Barbie selfie poster. Well, I was excited when I got to know about this barbie selfie generator. So, I used it and now I will tell you how to use and access this amazing barbie ai app.

What is Barbie Selfie AI?

Barbie Selfie AI is launched to promote movie Barbie. It is a selfie generator. You can become a Ken or Barbie after generating your selfie. This Barbie Selfie AI tool is FREE to use.

How to use Barbie Selfie AI?

Step 1: Go to website barbieselfi.ai & click on Start button

Barbie Selfie AI

Step 2: Upload your image or let app capture your photo. For example, I uploaded below sample image of elon musk & click on Continue.

Barbie Selfie AI
Barbie Selfie AI

Step 3: Now edit your image.

Position image left, right, up or down as per your requirement. Then, I will just edit text on image. So, add text that you like. You can add your name or name of anyone that you like.

Barbie Selfie AI

Change background color. I will chose red color and you can see below image has red color as circle background.

Barbie Selfie AI

Step 4: Click on Continue & Download the image. You final image will look like below.

Barbie Selfie AI

So, in this way you can generate your own barbie selfie using Barbie Selfie AI.

My Personal Experience:

Well, a lot of fan are waiting for the movie Barbie to get released and to attrack people, creators of movie have created the barbie selfie generator. This tool is very easy to use and it will take a few seconds to create your barbie selfie.

So, if you are a big fan of this movie and waiting to watch it. I suggest to go ahead and start creating your such selfies. A lot of users are shating their barbie selfies on internet like below:

That is all about Barbie Selfie generator tool and how you can use it. Thanks for reading this article.