Introducing Localizely – the fun and friendly way to take your software production to a global scale! With our Figma plugin, you’ll be able to ensure your designs are localization-ready at the start of development, meaning your software can easily reach new markets faster. By sending texts from Figma directly to Localizely, you’ll be ready … Read more


Isolation has never felt so together. With Translate.Video, you can bridge the gap of language with just one click. Now reaching 8 billion-people globally is easier than ever before! Just translate your videos using AI technology to over 75+ languages and access a brand new, global audience. No longer is language a boundary – now … Read more


Are your work meetings feeling a little mundane? Do your webinars need a spark of creativity? Look no further – Sessions is here to save the day! Supercharge your conferences and take your events to the next level with our innovative platform. With Sessions, you’ll have everything you need for consistently impressive meetings. Say goodbye … Read more



Introducing HeroPack – the best way to make an impression online with a gaming profile! Amateur gamers can give themselves a professional sheen and experienced gamers can level up their presence. No more spending hours on editing softwares trying to create your perfect avatar; HeroPack makes it easy! HeroPack allows you to bring your favorite … Read more

Hairstyle AI

hairstyle ai

Say goodbye to endless hours spent looking in the mirror, trying to decide what look to go with. Hairstyle AI has your back! With this revolutionary tool, you can get the perfect hairstyle for you in minutes! Don’t worry about whether it works for men or women – our AI is smart enough to recognize … Read more

AdCreative AI

Need help creating the perfect post or ad? AdCreative AI is here to make your life easier! Their highly trained robot-genius can take care of all the hard stuff, helping you get up to 14x better conversion rates. Plus, sign up now and we’ll give you $500 in free Google Ads credits along with a … Read more


Unleash the secrets of artificial intelligence to create show-stopping marketing videos in no time! Peech is here, offering quick and easy automatic video editing that you can personalize based on your goal, brand identity or animation style. Turn any “talking head footage” into a professional masterpiece with just a few clicks – sure beats hours … Read more

Xpression Camera

Unleash your wild side and say goodbye to long wait times with xpression camera! Xpression Camera is an award-winning virtual camera app can transform you into whoever or whatever you want, in seconds – so if a new look for an upcoming Zoom call is what you need, then this is the perfect tool. With … Read more

Neural Studio

Neural Studio can create an AI image of yourself using text.

Avatar AI

Creating an online version of yourself just got easier. With the Avatarai.me, you can create a personalized online avatar that looks like you.‍