Hotoke AI

Hotoke AI is a Buddha enabled with ChatGPT is always around to lend a listening ear—the perfect companion for those times when you just need someone to chat with! So go ahead and share your troubles; the ChatGPT-equipped Buddha will be there to help. No matter what, it won’t judge or lecture you – but … Read more

Trophi AI

Improve your Sim Racing with the help of Trophi AI. Trophi AI offers a lot of cool features like Live on Track AI coaching, Mistake Analyzer Official Site

Unlock the web with and gain free access to all restricted or premium content! Don’t let paywalls stand in your way any longer – just enter the URL of a page and click on the Remove Paywall button to bypass them entirely. Official Site

AI Lawyer

AILawyer.Pro gives expert legal advice anytime, anywhere – so you can feel confident taking on any judicial challenge. It has amazing features like document generator, document checker, etc. Official Site


Pianos.Club helps you to find public pianos near you. You can search 9000 pianos in almost 124 different countries. Official Site


MoveMap helps you to find the best places to live in US. Apply various filters and see which place is best to live. Official Site

Reimagine Home AI

Reimagine Home AI takes the guesswork out of redesigning any space! It detect room type and understand your preferred design style – all while adhering to your color preferences and following your instructions. With Reimagine Home AI can transform any room into a masterpiece without lifting a finger! Official Site

Jabbr AI

Jabbr AI analyses any professional fighting video and gives information about punch types, footwork, how many shots are landed, etc. With these data, fighters now can analyze their strengths, weakness in real time. Official Site

DreamInterpreter AI interprets your dream within a seconds. Just enter details about your dream and click on “Interprete Dream” button. This website will unlock your dream accurately. Ya! It is totally free to use. Official Site

Hair By AI

Hair By AI is an AI tool that changes your hairstyle. The software is trained to generate different version of hairstyle and only for women. You will be mazed by seeing different versions of your hairstyle. Official Site