British Judge Admits Using ChatGPT for Writing Court Rulings

British judge, Justice Birss, admitted to using a ChatGPT for writing a ruling. He utilized the chatGPT when he encountered a part of the law that he did not understand, seeking clarification and guidance.

British Judge Admits Using ChatGPT for Writing Rulings
Judge uses ChatGPT for Writing Rulings

When questioned about his use of the ChatGPT in his role, Justice Burst expressed his belief in the potential of AI to greatly enhance productivity in the legal field.

However, he emphasized the importance of not solely relying on AI, but rather using it to summarize complex legal concepts that one may struggle to comprehend.

This incident serves as a clear example of how AI is going to revolutionize various industries, including law. The field of law, in particular, stands to benefit greatly from AI, as it can help simplify complex information, allowing individuals to grasp the main points without having to navigate through extensive and intricate documents.

Justice Burss’s use of AI for writing a ruling is commendable, but it is crucial to verify the accuracy and acceptability of the summaries generated by AI tools.

It is the duty of the end user to fact-check the information before incorporating it into their work.

As per Justice Burss, ChatGPT is “Jolly Useful”.

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